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The First Internet Site about All the Cuban Civil and Military Aviation

Los cazas MiGs de Cuba Site for the knowledgement of little known, but fascinating topics about the Aviation history in Cuba, especially its Air Force, but also the Civil Aviation, from the first flight in 1910, to the present day.

Also as materials about the Armored Forces of the Cuban Army.

Visit the Site Forum to contact with Cuban veterans and experts, and exchange knowledge on the Cuban military history and present.

• The information on this site is from public sources and does not reflect the opinion of Cuban official organs, nor any other.
• This page is neither commercial nor political. It is an effort to disclose few acquaintances, but fascinating themes on the armed forces Cuban in different periods of its history.
• The information on this site is based on what is publicly known at the time of its creation. This site is not intended to ultimately have accuracy.
• Any suggestions, collaborations or constructive criticism of the site material would be grateful.
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